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Top 10 FPS Roblox Games in 2022


With over 3 million games in its catalog, Roblox is a renowned online platform that lets users play games with other players and use their imaginations to earn credits. From shooting games, simulators, adventures, to fast-paced games, there is something for every player in Roblox. 


Compiled below is a list of some of the best FPS Roblox games worth playing in 2022.


  1. Anime Fighting Simulator



If you enjoy watching anime, the Anime Fighting Simulator is worth playing. This is a well-developed game that allows you to choose a character of your choice with special abilities and movesets. It is highly intriguing and will keep you glued for hours.


A good thing is that you can unlock more awards, quests, and wheel spins as you progress. Better yet, the developer constantly adds new equipment and items to keep the game highly entertaining. What’s more, there are multiple modes and seasons in the game and you can choose the one that suits your taste. The fighting areas are diverse and there are multiple training.


2. Arsenal



If you are looking for a relaxing Roblox game to keep you entertained, Arsenal might be worth considering. For years, this game has remained a popular Roblox game thanks to its character customization and a wide arsenal of weapons.


Besides guns, this game includes other weapons like swords, blunt and bladed tools. This game is very interesting because every kill progresses you to the next gun. Ideally, you need to kill your enemies using different weapons before finally using a Golden Knife to make one kill and win the game.


Something else that makes this game a favorite of many is that it allows you to play in a variety of settings like spaceships and beaches. With the Battlebucks you earn, you can buy several effects and skins for your character.



Unknown to many, the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is available on Roblox. This player versus player shooter game may be a good Roblox game if you want a competitive game to play with friends.


Like the original PUGB game, players jump out of the airplane and use five default weapons to fight their enemies. You can use different weapons like RPG and grenade launchers to destroy your enemies in one shot. There are also PUGB skins that can change your character’s clothes or the appearance of their in-game.


4. Counter Blox

If you are a fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then you will be glad to know that Counter Blox is its free version in the Roblox game. This game uses nearly the same weapons as CS: GO and comprises a 5v5 team. When you play as a counter-terrorist, you need to ensure that you defend the bombsite so that terrorists don’t get a chance to plant a bomb.


When you win the game, you earn money that you can then use to buy gear and weapons. With the in-game currency, you can also buy cases with fascinating cosmetics for your weapons. If you opt for the Deathmatch mode where every man stands for himself, your choice of weapon matters.


5. Big Paintball

Funs of paintball games will most likely love the Big Paintball on Roblox. Developed by Big Games, this game is a recreation of outdoor sport that you can play with your friends or with strangers. The game involves a lot of colors, giving it a relaxed vibe.


You will be provided with a massive arsenal of paintball guns that you can use to shoot players from the opposite team. Consequently, you will earn credits that you can use to purchase better guns. Plus, there are consistent updates for new maps and guns.


6. Obbies

Also known as Obbys, this is an obstacle course game that is trending in the world of Roblox and it is not without reason. This game is an excellent way to chill with your friends. It consists of colorful obstacles that are not only entertaining but also quite engaging since you need to figure them out.


If you are new to this kind of game, the Easy Obbys would be an excellent place to start. This version is a bit easy yet entertaining.


7. Phantom Forces

This fast-paced FPS Roblox game is a favorite shooting game for 2022. With a wide range of modes like Elimination, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, among many others, you can enjoy different types of gameplay in this shooting game.


There are two teams; the Phantom team and the Ghost team. Each team comprises 16 members, who must battle it out using different weapons to get the victory.

Like most Roblox games, you can earn money when you progress in different levels of this game. There are many maps and competitive modes like Capture the Flag, Kind of the Hill, and more.


You can purchase weapons and upgrade to other items to get the upper hand against your competitors. Developers of this game also introduce weapons, new locations, and progression elements regularly.


8. Bad Business

Bad Business is a well-designed FPS game that is extremely fast-paced and involves a lot of different weapons. Players can build the weapons into loadouts and level them up as they progress in the game. The game is also renowned for its unique character customization thanks to the many cosmetic items available.


Unlike other fast-paced FPS Roblox games, this game has varying modes that provide longer rounds. Players can switch to modes like King of the Hill, and many more and choose from dozens of weapons. Players need to play with others as a team and use a wide range of weapons to secure a victory.


There is the option to run with a knife if you want to increase your speed. Nevertheless, you can also use other movements like bunny hopping, which can be very fun. This game boasts an extensive progression system that allows you to constantly upgrade your character as you continue playing.


Also, completing challenges allows you to unlock different skins that you can use to alter your character’s appearance.


9. Adopt Me

If you are a lover of animals, then you may want to look at this FPS game in Roblox. With more than 20 billion visits, this game is centered around hatching, developing, and dressing up adorable pets in a variety of attires on Adoption Island.


The main idea of the developers was to inspire adoption in the real world, by giving users this opportunity in the virtual world. There is a wide variety of pets to adopt and new pets are frequently added to the game.

The game allows players to adopt different kinds of pets and interact with them in many ways. There is also the option to buy and decorate your own house as you deem suitable and explore the Adoption Island.


10. Work at a Pizza Place



As you can already tell from the name, this game allows you to run a pizza parlor. There are various roles that you can take up including that of a pizza chef, cashier, pizza boxer, delivery guy, or supplier.


There is the option to switch roles and you can access detailed tutorials for each role. You and your friends can work towards a common goal in the game. Besides, you can use the money you earn to increase production and improve the pizza place.



Roblox has designed games that can make your imagination run wild. These are some of the Roblox games that you can play in 2022 and earn credits. This is an opportunity any gaming enthusiast may want to consider.

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