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Upcoming Heroes In Mobile Legends 2022

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Are you excited to know which heroes Moontoon has up its sleeve this year? With the launch of Yin and Edith, you must be expecting much more now. To be honest, both of these heroes are strong but not as strong as the heroes that will be launched soon. 

So, hold on tight! We are going to reveal an overpowering mage, a cute but tough marksman, and a mysterious fighter.

1. Melissa - Cursed Needle

  • Role: Marksman (Reap / Damage)
  • Estimated Release Date: February 2022
  • Advance Server: Yes

Melissa is the upcoming marksman who deals physical damage. According to her story, she is the daughter of a tailor who made a doll for her out of shreds of clothes with magic. So, Melissa, along with her doll named Muddles, forms a potentially strong duo. 

She is kind of a mix of nana and Carmilla in the sense that her doll 'Muddles' sticks to the enemy like nana's Molina and links to them like Carmilla's ultimate. The enemies the doll is linked to will receive damage no matter they are near or far. 

Also, if Melissa is hitting a creep, the linked enemy will receive damage. When she uses her first skill (dash), Muddles pull the enemies closer, which is excellent for preventing them from escaping. 

Now, talking about her ultimate, it is a kind of barrier or a shield that pushes away enemies from coming close to her. Plus, this barrier moves along when she dashes with her first skill. However, this combo won't work with flicker. 

So, basically, Melissa will be annoying for the opposite team and a great advantage to your team. However, her range of attack is short, and the damage she deals with relies on her basic skill. Still, she will be powerful against melee heroes.

Skills Breakdown 

Passive: Doll Buster

Melissa's passive buffs her by increasing the damage to the enemies attached to Muddles up to 150%.

First Skill: Falling / Blink

It is a blink skill that increases Melissa's attack speed by 50 to 100% as she slides forward. This buff lasts for at least four seconds. The cooldown of this skill goes from 8.5 to 7.0 seconds, depending on the hero level. 

Second Skill: Summons Muddles / Debuff AoE

Melissa throws Muddles at the enemies dealing 250 to 400 physical damage and binding them. The cooldown of this skill ranges from 11.0 to 8.5 seconds according to the hero level.Screenshot_2022-02-27_at_4.01.14_PM.png

Source: Mr.Kisses

Ultimate: Cuddles / Magic Skill

Melissa puts up a barrier for five seconds that is a double-edged knife. It protects her and deals 500 to 900 magic damage to the enemies. After that, it keeps dealing 100 magic damage per 0.75 seconds six times. 

So, once this girl launches the dome, the wise choice is not to attack until it's gone. Also, the cooldown of her ultimate is from 40 to 32 seconds, depending on the level.


Source: Mr.Kisses

2. Xavier - Defier Of Light 

  • Role: Mage (Damage / Guard)
  • Estimated Release Date: March 2022
  • Advance Server: Yes

Xavier is an overpowering mage who is a half-human and half-light elf (mother’s side). Also, he was a church follower but became rebellious after a particular incident. In the case of his skills, Xavier’s first skill deals damage in a line and extends to anyone behind the target. This skill can get extended due to minions behind the target, but it must be in a straight line. 

His second skill is like a barrier that speeds up the allies and slows down enemies passing through it, which is similar to Estes's second skill but better. Once Xavier combines his second skill with the first skill, the enemies within the barrier’s range are immobilized.

Moreover, this hero’s ultimate has a range of Moskov’s ultimate, which is across the map to the enemy’s base. However, it doesn't damage the lord, so forget about last-second steals. The ultimate combined with the second skill also immobilize the enemies just like the first skill. 

His skills are not the only reason this mage will dominate the meta. Instead, his passive is going to throw opponents out of their game. Xavier’s passive is like an aura (mystic domain) that surrounds him, and enemies who stay longer in it will get slowed and immobilized. His passive also buffs all skills once Xavier stacks up energy. 

Now, guess who’s going to get banned the most in Ranked Mode in March, huh?

Skills Breakdown

Passive: Transcendence

Xavier gains stacks of energy after hitting the enemy with skill. After 3 stacks, he enters the Transcendence zone, in which all of his skills receive a massive boost. This passive extends if Xavier keeps attacking enemies with his skills.

First Skill: Infinite Extension / AoE Slowed 

Xavier shoots a magic bullet towards the enemy dealing 300 to 550 magic damage. It also hits any enemy within the range of the target in a straight line. The cooldown of this skill is 6 seconds.

Second Skill: Mystic Field

Xavier creates a barrier that slows down enemies and gives movement speed to allies. This mystic field lasts for 3 seconds and converts into a forbidden field when combined with the mystic bullet. It will immobilize the enemies and deal 120 to 220 magic damage. Its cooldown ranges from 12 to 10 seconds, depending on the hero’s level.

Source: Elgin

Ultimate: Dawning Light

Xavier’s ultimate deals magic damage worth 600 to 960 to enemies in its pathway. It also activates the Transcendence state, which makes Xavier domineering. The cooldown of Dawning Light is 40 to 30 seconds varying with hero level.


Source: Mr.Kisses

3. Chainman / Hugo (Temporary Name)

  • Role: Fighter (Charge / Guard)
  • Estimated Release Date: April 2022
  • Advance Server: No

There is not enough information on this hero, but it seems similar to Phoveus due to the chain in his hand. On the other hand, he might hook others like Franco or wrap his chain around them and immobilize them. 

There is room for many possibilities as this hero is yet to be released on the advanced server. So, there may be changes in his appearance as well. You can expect more updates once this hero becomes available in the advance server somewhere between February. 


Final Thoughts

The new heroes can change up the meta due to their unique and overpowering skills. So, start saving up your battle points to get your hands on these heroes and use them as much as you can before the banning spree and nerfs. Most probably, Xavier is going to get nerfed at the first chance Moontoon gets because he really is broken with extreme damage.

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