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10 PUBG Roles and Strategies to Rock Your Game

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PUBG is a complex game with many different aspects that players can improve to have the best chance of winning. There are various players in a PUBG squad, and each plays an important role. This blog post will discuss the different squad roles and strategies for playing PUBG. We will go over each of these roles and explain what they entail.

Player 1: In-Game Leader1.png

The in-game leader is the player who calls the shots and directs the squad. They are responsible for ensuring everyone is on the same page and knows what they need to do. The in-game leader should be aware of the different aspects of PUBG, such as where to find loot, how to take down enemies best, and where the safe zones are. They need to make quick decisions to take advantage of the situation and help their team win.

Player 2: Lurker

The Lurker is the player who stays back and watches for enemies. They wait until they have a clear shot at an enemy, then take them down with one well-placed bullet. The PUBG Lurker can also be used as a scout if needed. They are responsible for watching out for danger and alerting their teammates of any threats. Lurker also fights in clutch battles. This means Lurker should be flexible enough to fight against many enemies alone.

Player 3: Scout

The scout is the player who patrols the edge of the safe zone in search of enemies. They are responsible for finding and eliminating any players trying to escape from the safe zone. Scouts also provide intelligence on enemy movements, which allows their team to plan their next move. Scouts should be quick and stealthy, so they can take down enemies without being seen.

Player 4: Flanker


The flanker is the PUBG player specializing in ambushing enemies from behind or flanking them. They are also responsible for eliminating any enemies their teammates have already uncovered. Flankers should be agile and fast, so they can get into position quickly without being seen by anyone else on the map. It's also worth mentioning that Flankers are not determined in advance in the game. They take the role of the course of action.

Player 5: Spoiler

The PUBG spoiler is the player who disrupts the enemy's plan. They are responsible for taking out anyone who may be planning to ambush their team, whether it's a sniper or someone trying to escape from the safe zone. Spoilers should be good at using cover to avoid being seen by other players on PUBG. PUBG spoilers are also good at using PUBG vehicles, such as PUBG motorcycles or PUBG cars, to get into position quickly and surprise the enemy from behind.

Player 6: The Sniper

The PUBG sniper is the player who specializes in taking out enemies from a distance with powerful gear. They are also responsible for eliminating any PUBG snipers in the game. The snipers are effective if they have a good vantage point and can stay hidden from the enemy. They should also be aware of their surroundings to take down enemies before they even know what's happening.

Player 7: Marksman7.png

The PUBG marksman is the player who provides support to the Sniper. They are responsible for taking out enemies who get too close to the Sniper and providing cover fire when needed. The importance of Marksman is especially seen when the Sniper is injured or not able to do their job. Marksmen should also be good at using long-range weapons to take down enemies from a distance.

Player 8: Driver

The PUBG driver is the player who drives PUBG vehicles, such as PUBG motorcycles or PUBG cars. They are also responsible for ensuring everyone in their team gets to where they need to be on time. Drivers should be good at driving PUBG vehicles and not getting lost on PUBG maps. Though drivers are secondary players, their role is still essential to win the game.

Player 9: Healer


The PUBG healer is the player who supports their team by healing them and reviving them when they're down. They are also responsible for using medical equipment to keep their teammates healthy, such as bandages and first-aid kits. Healers should be good at using healing items quickly to help their PUBG teammates as soon as possible.

Player 10: Supporter


The PUBG support player is the PUBG player who provides ammunition and supplies to their teammates. They are also responsible for using PUBG vehicles, such as PUBG motorcycles or PUBG cars, for getting around quickly. Supporters should be good at carrying a lot of items on them without being slowed down. PUBG supporters are also crucial to keep the team stocked up on ammo and supplies.

Final thoughts: What's the best PUBG strategy?

No PUBG strategy will work for everyone. Every game of PUBG is different, and the best strategy may vary from game to game. However, some basic PUBG strategies can help you win more games.

One thing to remember is that teamwork is vital in PUBG. It is a team game, so working together as a PUBG squad and communicating effectively with each other can increase your chances of winning PUBG games! That's why you should ensure your PUBG team is equipped with all the above players and everyone is very keen on what they should do.

Even if some roles might not seem of the first importance for you at first glance, remember that you will need as much fighting force as possible during the fierce fights. So why leave you alone in panic during those times if you can form a powerful squad of players in advance?

Good luck in your next PUBG game! And be sure to check back soon for more PUBG content.

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