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Mobile Legends Tier List 2022

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Are you aiming to reach mythic glory this season but don't know about the meta heroes? If so, then don't stress it. We are ready to catch you up on the heroes crashing this meta. 

We will provide you with a detailed list according to hero categories, but keep in mind that the meta changes every season or even every month. So, you have to stay updated, which won't be a problem with our regular articles. First, let's discuss how the tier list works.

What Is A Tier List?

The tier list consists of five tiers S, A, B, C, and D. These tiers go from the strongest heroes to the weakest ones, in which S tier Heroes are strongest and D are the weakest. This tier list is created keeping in mind the current meta heroes, and how strong they are against other picks, this tier list is created.

However, these tier lists are always according to one person's perspective and what they have observed during their gaming experience. For instance, our table also categorizes heroes into tiers according to the strength we have seen in the game. But to make it less subjective, we have placed the heroes with the potential to be strong in a higher tier. 

Tier S 

Heroes that are overpowering and require minimal effort to dominate the game fall into the S tier. You just need to know how to work the hero and obviously better gaming skills.

Moreover, if you choose an S-tier hero, you should carry the game as these heroes don't have significant weaknesses and counters. Therefore, you can dominate your lane and even control the jungle, which will give more leverage to your team and help take the win home.

Tier A

Tier A heroes are strong and have the potential of flipping the game in their favor at a point, but they lack the capability of carrying the game alone. For such heroes, you need a higher skill set and better gameplay. 

For instance, A tier marksman will need to get to level 4 to become as strong as a level 2 S-tier marksman. However, A-tier heroes can dominate the game if played with the right strategy.

Tier B

Heroes who can deal a fair amount of damage but have no defense skills or too many counters fall into this tier. If you choose a B-tier hero, you have to pay more attention while playing and develop strategies to change the game. It is best to stick with the team and gank more often with such heroes because going solo will clearly be suicide. 

However, if you have farmed enough or leveled up, then going one-on-one with the opponent as a fighter, assassin, mage, or even marksman is fine. Don't do 1 vs. 5 because then you will be feeding, which will not do any good.

Tier C 

Tier C heroes take some time to get strong, maybe even late game, sometimes even after the 15 minutes mark. The wise choice is to become a team player and step up to help as often as possible with such heroes. 

Like B-tier heroes, you can solo with a C-tier hero, especially if there is an S-tier hero in the opposite team. Also, make sure to join your team when they are ganking or initiating fights to put your strength to use. However, you can go one-on-one with a hero of the same skill level or lower. 

Tier D 

We have added the heroes weakest in this meta in tier D. Referring to these heroes as weak doesn't mean that they cannot be the MVP of their team; it just means that these heroes require a good team to win. You will need a good combo, probably with an S-tier hero, just like Johnson and Odette. 

If you take Odette and the rest of your team is toxic or not cooperating, then the chances are the opponents will team up on you. In this way, you will stand no chance against them, let alone carry the game. 








Roger, Paquito, Aulus, Balmond

Yin, Zilong, Phoveus, X.Borg, Dyrroth, Sun, Chou

Yu Zhong, Bane, Argus, Freya, Silvana, Khaleed, Terizla

Guinevere, Jawhead, Masha, Leomard, Aldous

Thamuz, Hilda, Lapu Lapu, Minsitthar, Badang


Aamon, Hanzo

Ling, Gusion, Karina

Lancelot, Benedetta, Saber

Natalia, Hayabusa, Alucard, Helcurt

Selena, Fanny


Beatrix, Natan, Granger, Brody

Wanwan, Clint, Miya, Lesley, Hanabi

Layla, Karrie, Bruno

Moskov, Kimmy, Claude, Popol & Kupa

Irithel, Yi Sun-Shin


Vale, Valentina, Esmeralda

Alice, Yve, Cecilion, Lylia, Harley, Luo-Yi

Pharsa, Cyclops, Zhask, Kadita, Chang'e, Kagura

Vexana, Eudora, Nana, Lunox, Valir, Aurora

Gord, Odette, Harith


Johnson, Tigreal, Edith

Gloo, Hylos, Barats, Franco

Uranus, Khufra, Atlas, Baxia, Gatotkaca 

Lolita, Belerick

Grock, Akai, Minotaur


Mathilda, Kaja

Floryn, Estes, Angela

Diggie, Faramis




Does Higher Tier Heroes Guarantee You A Win?

We cannot really claim that an S-tier hero is guaranteed to get you a win because it all comes down to your and the opponent team's skill level and matchmaking. For instance, you selected an S-tier hero and are ready to carry the game even if your teammates are not highly skilled. But, everyone in the opposite team is highly experienced and has perfect teamwork.

Now, tell us, which team will win? It's 5 vs. 5, so obviously, the opposite team has a far greater chance than your team. So, claiming that a higher-tier hero will help you win 100% of the matches will be wrong. However, such heroes will surely increase your chances of winning. 

Also, if you have zero game sense and poor gameplay, that is a different story. In the picture below, you can see that Yin is an A-tier hero, but due to poor skills, the player couldn't make it past bronze. Another example is the S-tier hero losing due to stronger coordination and combo of the opposite team. 


Final Takeaway

Summing it up, you can go on a winning streak and dominate the game in this meta with S-tier heroes. But, make sure to consider the other factors that we have mentioned.

Sometimes, a professional player can defeat you using a tier D hero. Therefore, it is crucial to enhance your skills as much as possible. Also, mostly S-tier heroes get banned in Rank Mode, so make sure to master other tier heroes as well. 


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