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Top 10 Mobile Roblox Games You Must Play in 2022

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Roblox has been an amazing place for players and creators to come together and create an awesome experience that everyone can be a part of. Since its release, Roblox has crossed over to the mobile platform, and these are the top 10 mobile Roblox games you must play in 2022. 

Is mobile Roblox worth playing in the first place? 

I know that the idea of mobile ports turns some people off from the beginning, but Roblox is definitely a game that flowed nicely for me. With the way Roblox moves already, the controls on a phone or tablet definitely feel like it didn’t port from console or pc to begin with. All of these games within Roblox were released with mobile functionality in mind, so you don’t have to worry about someone else having the upper hand just because they aren’t playing mobile. 

Why did these games make the list? 

Though there are too many good games to count on Roblox, these were chosen based on two key points. Length of gameplay and replayability were why these games made the list. Multiplayer games should be an automatic win here, but that’s not always the case. While games like dodgeball were a huge hit throughout Roblox’s life, Life Sim was only fun to a specific group of people. While some of these won’t necessarily be your cup of tea, if you decide to pick one of these up, there are definitely enough reasons to stick with them. 

What you’ll need to play these games. 

Roblox is playable on PC, Macs, Chromebook, tablets, and mobile devices. If you’re looking to use the Roblox Studio, it is only accessible by PC or Mac. On top of that, some of you might find the need to use the in-game currency, Robux. There is no free way to obtain these considering the fact that this currency is used to support the developer community. Also, Robux has a real life currency conversion, so if you come across Robux by creating experiences or buying in real life, the value of that currency  holds its value throughout your time in Roblox. 

Emergency Response: Liberty CountyScreenshot_2022-01-28_at_4.22.35_PM.png

This is an RPG where you play as any number of characters in the fictional county of Liberty. Players can be anything from civilians, firefighters, police officers, and criminals. Each job has its own version of tasks, and everyone works together to save Liberty County while the criminals and environment are set on ending it. 

The latest update even added the winter weather effect, which also added news emergency calls, tools, and jobs. Bugs and issues have also been addressed, and continuous support keeps this game alive with new content and fixes throughout. 


  • Different jobs give this the replayability we’re looking for. 
  • An active support team that updates the game regularly


  • Teamwork is a key element in succeeding, so playing with randoms can be a nuisance.

Adopt Me!


Adopt me is a cute RPG where one player plays as the baby pet, and the other player is the parent who is in charge of taking care of the baby. You can even visit nearby people to see if they want to join your family or adopt pets of their own. There’s even a good bit of customization that’s available inside your home. Adopt me was created by Uplift Games, and they even managed to make the game so good that it was number one for concurrent users on Roblox. 


  • You get to play as a puppy. 
  • The customization is enjoyable and keeps things fresh. 


  • Again, getting paired with a random can make it unplayable, but it’s great with a friend. 
  • Eventually, Robux might be necessary to add new content. 

Car Crushers 2


Car Crushers 2 is a personal favorite of mine. It’s essentially a giant Roblox demolition derby. With seven different game modes, there is plenty to try out and master if that’s your thing. When you don’t feel like playing with others, there are 44 different crushers you can use to destroy your vehicles in creative ways. 

The developers are constantly adding and revamping the game, and they even remaster old vehicles that have become fan favorites. This game can easily become a sandbox free for all, and it’s that sort of freedom that brings people back for more. 


  • Plenty of modes, vehicles, and options for fresh gameplay whenever you choose. 
  • Competition makes it a new experience every time instead of sticking to mission gameplay.


  • Considering the strain put on gameplay, there are bugs here and there. 
  • Sometimes, you’ll get a player that drops a nuke at the beginning which can ruin the race. 

Murder Mystery 2


This game takes a classic story and theory, and it turns it into a Roblox masterpiece that is fun to play with friends and strangers alike. It doesn’t really do anything new, but the tension created by not knowing who is who makes it an enjoyable session whenever you play it. Players are split up into three different roles: Innocents, Sheriff, and Murderer. While the innocents and sheriff are trying to catch the murderer, the murderer is trying to end all the other players. All of this is being done while racing the timer that looms over the field. 


  • This is essentially Roblox’s Among Us. 
  • It has the option for private servers for when you want to experience it with your friends only. Cons:
  • It’s not an original idea.
  • It can be repetitive when played with just your friends.



Piggy has become one of the most notable Roblox games of all time. It won game of the year at the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards too. In Piggy, one player plays as the Piggy that goes around to hunt down the other survivors. What makes Piggy stand out is the style that it has and tense situations in tight spaces. 

This is another game that plays just as well when you play with strangers as it does with friends. You can also play with bots if you don’t want to play with other players. Bots can either make up the survivors or the piggy if you want to try your luck against it. 


  • It’s a simple horror experience for those that like that. 
  • Piggy has become so big that the developers give it the attention it deserves in updates. 


  • If you don’t like horror, this isn’t your game. 
  • It’s still essentially the original game that was released. 

Natural Disaster Survival Screenshot_2022-01-28_at_4.27.08_PM.png

This is another personal favorite of mine. It puts you and a large group of other players on an island to survive random natural disasters. All you have to use as defense are the surroundings on the island and other players. Between tornadoes, volcanoes, acid rain, earthquakes, and more. This game has been around since 2008, and it has racked up an amazing following. Two years ago, it even surpassed its one billion visits mark. 


  • It’s a different experience each time between different disasters, locations, and players.
  • It’s the perfect casual game to come back to regularly. 


  • It can get a little repetitive, but that’s only if you play a long time at once. 

Flee the Facility


Flee the Facility is a horror escape game, and it was developed by A.W. Apps. This is your classic 4v1 match style game, and it seems to be Roblox’s version of Dead by Daylight. Four survivors try to flee the facility, but one player plays as the Beast, who tries to stop the other four. The 4v1 style might be a popular theme lately, but that doesn’t diminish its value in entertainment. 


  • Tense interactions make for exciting gameplay.
  • The game is still getting updated with fresh content. 


  • A lot of other games do the same idea. 
  • Two of the badges are won by donating Robux which equates to real money. 

Big Paintball!


Big Paintball is essentially the family friendly Call of Duty on Roblox. It’s a team deathmatch style shooter that revolves around paintball guns. While earning credits for headshots and eliminations, you can then use those credits to purchase new guns from the in-game store. 

Each round lasts for at most fifteen minutes, and players are able to vote for which map they fight on. The customization is what makes this one standout from other shooters. The latest update released a ton of new content. Some of it is a limited release like the winter theme, but it also adds new modes and guns such as King of the Hill. 


  • So much customization. 
  • It’s a tried and true formula for a FPS.


  • If you’ve played one shooter, you’ve played them all. 
  • The community can get a little toxic from time to time. 



While there are a lot of Pokemon clones on Roblox, Bloxymon is one of the more original versions out there. They even created their own Roblox versions of Pokemon to make it feel like a completely different experience. The staples for gameplay are still there, as you can catch, train, and evolve your Bloxymon. 

The maps are also original designs, so this is one of the Pokemon clones that definitely won’t be taken down for copyright infringement. Your time put into this game will not be wasted because of the possibility of legal action. 


  • A completely original Pokemon-style experience.
  • Its own catalog of Bloxymon that feels completely new. 


  • Gameplay can feel familiar, even though it is a new experience. 

Anime Fighting SimulatorScreenshot_2022-01-28_at_4.30.20_PM.png

For those of you that are anime fans, Anime Fighting Simulator is a fantastic mashup of some of our favorite anime characters. While new content wasn’t a huge focus at first, the game has since rectified that. The update list for winter season is one of the biggest for content that I’ve seen for the games on this list. 


  • It’s a solid fighter game. 
  • The characters are clear in their design. 


  • It doesn’t revolutionize the fighter genre
  • Some of the characters aren’t actually from anime. 

In my opinion, Natural Disaster Survival and Car Crushers 2 are clear winners for the next year, but there is something here for everyone. With the new year comes new experiences, and Roblox is constantly evolving. There’s no telling what games will make the list next year. 

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