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Getting Started on Mobile Legends: Tips, Tricks, and Roles

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Despite the fact that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is among the most famous games nowadays, you may be amazed at the sheer number of characters, powers, and stuff to discover.

But don't worry, this page will tell you how to go to the pinnacle. This article will have a suggestion or two for you about mobile legends tips tricks, whether you're a newcomer or have already played a match.

Heroes: Identifying your role

The first step to mastering Mobile Legends is to figure out what you're good at. It will improve your game experience and make the whole thing more entertaining if you can figure out which role better suits you.

There are six classes in Mobile Legends: Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, and Support. Every category is distinct and performs a particular function on the squad.

  • Fighter

The league's warriors are the fighters. The HP, defense, and damage of these heroes are well-balanced. Because of their well-balanced numbers, these heroes can enter and exit battles safely.

To be a fighter is the position for you if you enjoy being in the midst of the action while murdering heroes. Chou, Sun, and Ruby are examples of fighting heroes.

  • Tank

The group's protection is the tanks. These characters have a lot of defensive systems and a lot of health points (HP). They help to break apart opponent teams and withstand attacks because of their sturdiness.

The tank role is perfect for you if you prefer being at the front and taking a lot of attacks. Some tank heroes that you can try using are Edith, Johnson, and Grock. 

  • Assassin

The league's ninjas are the assassins. They prowl the map, assassinating enemies in the lane, and have low HP but tremendous damage.

If you enjoy being covert and taking down foes, the assassin job is perfect for you. Fanny, Helcurt, and Hayabusa are the most commonly used assassin heroes.

  • Marksman

The league's hero killers are the marksmen. Despite their serious damage and speed, these characters have a poor defense. During team battles, marksmen assist in the elimination of enemy heroes.

Becoming a marksman is the way to go if you enjoy dealing harm and killing heroes. Miya, Layla, and Hanabi among the most used Marksman heroes.

  • Mage

Mages are powerful damage attackers who can deal with injury from afar. Because they have a lot of mana and a lot of defense, these heroes rely on their destructive spells to eat away at the opponent's HP and keep team battles under control.

Choosing a mage hero will be the greatest choice if you prefer casting spells to irritate your opponent. Kagura, Eudora, and Harith are examples of Mage heroines.

  • Support

The league's backbone is its supporters.  Like wizards, they have a lot of mana and a lot of defense.  Their spells, on the other hand, keep their allies surviving.

To be a support hero is excellent for you if you like to be in the back row and maintain your group alive. Angela, Floryn, and Rafaela are examples of heroes who provide support.


Other Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks

Here are other mobile legends tips tricks that will help step up your game:

  • Your Master Your Hero

The next step in developing is mastering your hero. Each hero has a unique ability that you should know about to utilize its full potential. 

When you play the hero well, you'll be able to contribute to your team's success and win matches.

All heroes have four abilities. Three of them are abilities that can be used in a variety of situations, such as in the workplace; you'll need to press a button to enable them. Passive skill is among them. When specific requirements are met, this ability is automatically activated.

Active skills are round icons in the lower right corner of the screen that is used in-game. The hero's most potent skill (Ultimate) is at the top of the list, which is also ranked from bottom to top.

  • Learn About Battle Spells

Battle Spells are one-of-a-kind spells that you can choose before each game begins. A battle can be tipped to your advantage if you use the correct Battle Spell.

Your hero's edge is given through battle spells. Choose Battle Spells that enhance or compensate for your hero's flaws. Inspire, for example, favors Alucard, a Fighter hero, because it enhances his 'Ultimate's' life steal, which keeps him alive in a battle.

In Mobile Legends, there are 12 Battle Spells. When your account reaches a particular level, you'll be able to unlock them all. You must reach level 23 in order to access all Battle Spells completely.

In-game testing is the most effective approach to determine which Battle Spell is ideal for you. Begin a practice match to figure out which Battle Spell is ideal for your character.

  • Choose the Right Equipment

To improve your character's abilities, you can buy gear in-game. During a match, these things can be bought at any moment. On the other hand, every hero can only carry six items at a time.

In Mobile Legends, there are a total of 96 items. Attack, Magic, Defense, Movement, and Jungle are the five categories.

In Mobile Legends, it's simple to choose which item to acquire. You can choose Pro Builds and trust their expertise if you really want to understand what the pros do. The game will automatically display the stuff you have to purchase in a match.

Adapting to the opponent and purchasing the appropriate gear for the circumstance is critical in more difficult games. For instance, when faced with a squad of Mages, heroes would gain more from buying magic-resistant armor than they would from buying physical-resistant gear. It's crucial to learn and invest in the correct equipment to win matches.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Map

Studying the map is the next stage in developing your skills. Knowing where you are on the map will help you outmaneuver your opponents and improve communication and teamwork.

The map of Mobile Legends is divided into three sections: Base, Lanes, and Jungle.

The Base is the area in front of the arrows. The arrows represent the top, middle, and bottom lanes. The Jungle encompasses all other locations.

The Lord is represented by the Sword.  It appears seven minutes into the encounter and is the second boss monster in Mobile Legends. 

Killing the Lord not only earns you experience points and golds, but it also enables the team that beat him to call him to join them in battle. When pushing down lanes, this is a huge advantage.

  • Use the Camera

Using the camera is one of the most underutilized mobile legends tips tricks. But, knowing how to use it will give you a big advantage. 

When you use the in-game camera, you can see what's going on all around your hero. While preparing for conflict, learning how to operate a camera correctly might assist raise awareness.

When you shift the camera, you'll be able to see where your foes are and how the group battles are progressing. It's easier to make gaming choices with more knowledge without jeopardizing your safety by entering risky locations.

The camera in Mobile Legends is locked upon the hero as they navigate by default. The camera is moved around by tapping and swiping the device to gaze at regions away from the hero.

  • Compete as a Team

In Mobile Legends, team battles are the key to victory. Each team fight that goes well is a step toward victory. It would help if you first enhanced your positioning to better your team battles.

  • Learn About Positioning

Balancing the space between your character and the other warriors in the game is positioning. It's possible that if you're out of place, the opponent will kill you. After your death, the opposition team is expected to win team battles if they have an advantage in numbers.

Bottom Line

The greatest way to improve your Mobile Legends skills is to master these points. Remember that practice is just as important as a learning theory. You'll gain more knowledge and improve your skills as you play more. We'll see you at Mythic rank if you succeed.

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