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10 PUBG Tips to Attain Victory and Stay Alive in 2022

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), is a battle royale game that has taken the gaming world by storm. In this game, you are on a large map with 99 other players and must find weapons and armor to survive. The last player standing in the game wins the match, and this blog post will teach you how to become that last player.

If you're looking to attain victory in PUBG and stay alive until the end, then read on! This article will provide 10 PUBG tips in 2022 that will help you become a pro PUBG player!

Tip 1: Hideout on the edge of the blue circle

The blue circle is a hazardous area that shrinks throughout the match, and if you're caught inside of it when it closes in, you will take damage. However, if you hide out on the edge of the blue circle, you can avoid taking damage while still being close to the action. No one will expect you to stand so close if you hide there. However, you make sure to keep an eye on the circle, as it will move and close in quickly.


Tip 2: Change your position after taking an enemy down with a gun

If you take an enemy down with a gun, chances are their friends will be coming to investigate. The loud voice of your gun will help them find your place quickly. To avoid being killed by the rest of the players, quickly change your position after taking the enemy down. This can help throw off any potential pursuers and give you some breathing room. Remember, the element of surprise is vital in battle royale games.

Tip 3: Don't focus on the same enemy for too long

In any battle royale game, it's essential to take down as many enemies as possible. However, you shouldn't focus on the same enemy for too long. They will eventually kill you if you do so because too much concentration on one aspect will not let you pay enough attention to your surroundings. So, the verdict is: try to take down as many enemies as you can but don't get tunnel vision.Screenshot_2022-01-28_at_4.05.24_PM.png

Tip 4: Close the doors and avoid breaking windows

Windows and doors are both indicators of a player's location. If you're close to an enemy, they will see the light coming from the windows or hear the sound of the door opening. Even if they are not close to hearing the sound, they can follow your footprints by doors you forgot to close after you. To avoid this, try to close doors and avoid breaking windows. This will help keep you hidden from enemies.


Tip 5: Learn to identify the distance of your enemies by gunshot sounds

If you're crouching and listening to the gunshot sounds of enemies, you can get a general idea of how far away they are from you. This might seem hard initially, but if you practice careful listening while playing, you can identify your enemy's location by the game sounds. The closer the sound is, the closer the enemy is. This information can help you make strategic decisions about when to fight and when to run.


Tip 6: Take a level three helmet, even if it's damaged

The general logic implies that the higher the level of the helmet you find, the more protection it offers. However, it's better to have damaged but higher-level protection over an undamaged but weaker helmet in some cases. Level three helmet is exactly what we are talking about. Even if you find it damaged, it's the only one that can save you from a headshot with the M24. Therefore, always choose it as the best protection against gunfire and melee attacks.


Tip 7: Always keep a bullet in the magazine

PUBG is a game of survival, and you need to make sure that you're always prepared for any situation. This means keeping at least one bullet in the magazine so that you can reload quickly if needed. This tip is especially useful when using DP-28, M249, or other guns with a long reload duration. You don't want to be caught out in the open with no bullets when enemies are nearby, do you? So make sure this tip is precisely kept during the game.


Tip 8: Do not save energy drinks for "the worst times"

It's only natural if you decide to save energy drinks for the moments when you really need them. However, this can backfire on you, as you might not have enough energy left to survive until the end of the game. It's better to use them sparingly but consistently throughout the game so that you always have enough energy and are never in a situation where you're running out of it. If you have available energy drinks or painkillers, use them to get you boosted up and regenerate your health.


Tip 9: Grass is not a safe hiding place if enemies are closer than 200m

Lying in the grass is a great hiding place when you're trying to avoid enemies. However, you should keep in mind that grass stops being visible when enemies are closer than 200m. Having that said, finding harder covers to hide is a better idea. If you don't have anything but grass nearby and your enemy is approaching, it's better to stay on the move.


Tip 10: Open fire only when your position is suitable

In PUBG, you have to be very careful about when and where you open fire. If you're not in a good position, your gunfire can give away your location to enemies. For example, if your enemy hasn't spotted you, and you open fire from the unsuitable position for a victory, you will win nothing but a risk of being killed. So, it's better to wait until you're in a comfortable spot before opening fire and taking down enemies. This will increase your chances of survival.



Above, you read PUBG tips 2022 that will help you rise to a pro-level player. Besides them, a critical success factor in PUBG is to use the right weapon for each situation. Make sure to mix and match your weapons so that you're always prepared for any combat scenario.

We hope you enjoy playing!

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